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Stop the Homework War!


Learning Problem or Vision Disorder? 

Success Stories //

Jasmine has stopped using her finger (to keep place in text) and sits up when she reads...Her handwriting has dramatically improved. Before I had a hard time reading it; now it is neat & straight...Improved writing, less difficulty with schoolwork (math & reading). Reading on her own. Better grades & comprehension. She is just happier. Thank you so much, we really appreciate everything you have done.
-Michelle, Lewisburg

Tura's Success

Tura no longer complains of headaches from reading. Her handwriting has improved tremendously. She can read the clock and math has become easier. My goal was to get rid of the headaches. All of the other things listed above, I was not aware that they were being affected by her vision, but I have definitely noticed improvements.
-Jennifer, Williamsport, PA

Reversals, Dyslexia, Diplopia....
The Path to Recovery is Here!

Learning occurs through complex and interrelated processes, one of which is vision. Many students who struggle with reading have undetected vision problems that make it nearly impossible to do the intense near work that fills most classroom hours. Additionally, some vision problems complicate or mimic A.D.H.D.

Children with undiagnosed vision problems often lose their place when reading, experience eyestrain, or avoid reading altogether.

This is the child who takes hours to do a few minutes of homework. A child with an untreated vision problem often performs below potential.

What School Screenings Miss

The typical school screening does not detect the kind of vision problems that restrict reading because these children often have 20/20 distance sight. Only a minority of eye examinations test the ability to make the eyes converge, focus, track a line of type, or take meaning from letters on a page a foot or so from the eyes. A medical evaluation may find healthy ocular tissues but miss learning-related vision problems. More extensive testing can determine whether a vision problem contributes to academic difficulties

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